What Makes A Dream Built In Wardrobe In Adelaide

What Makes A Dream Built In Wardrobe In Adelaide

Designing your new home? Kitting out your current built in wardrobe? There are a few things you should consider! Built in closets are often overlooked when planning out your home. You ‘make do’ with plans to get to it one day, but that day never actually arrives. When you have finally reached the point where you can’t live without quality built in wardrobes in your Adelaide home it is important you do it right.

Get it right the first time!

How hard could designing your robes be, right? Well small mistakes can make a huge difference to functionality in everyday use. Consider the following when planning your dream built in wardrobes.


Storage You have done your measurements for usable space, now you can decide on whether or not you will have drawers, open shelves, shoe storage or hanging rails. You may prefer to keep it simple and stick with the traditional drawers and rails, or get creative with elaborate storage solutions. When deciding on shelving there a few options to choose from and each has its benefits. Solid shelves offer stability and the capability to hold more weight; whereas wire racks allow your clothing to ‘breathe’ and make it easier to see the contents. Storage shelves should be measured correctly before drilling any holes because just 1mm out can cause the whole design not to function as planned.


If you have only got a small space to work with, ensure your storage fits with room to move. If you cannot reach everything you need to or certain drawers won’t open because there is a door in the way, you need to rethink your design. This is far from a dream built in closet and will only cause you frustration.

Lighting and cooling

Depending on how large your wardrobe space is, you should also contemplate the need for additional lighting and possibly even a ceiling fan. If you are going out on the town and are spending a while deciding what to wear, a bit of cooling cannot be taken for granted.

Professional or DIY

Professional – these are experts in the industry who have trained for many years to perfect their skills. When you hire a professional, you know the work is top quality; you also have someone to go back to if any element is not up to scratch. DIY – while some people definitely have the knack for ‘do it yourself’, not everyone does. This option may appear cheaper however it can also lead to poor quality workmanship and the need for a professional to perform a fix up job, making it more costly in the long run. There is a lot more to consider than just what interiors you want installed in your built in wardrobes in Adelaide. It is important to take your time and speak to a professional before making plans!

For the best quality built in wardrobes Adelaide has to offer, call the professional team at Urban Accent today on 08 8251 4707!

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