Custom Kitchen Renovation – Property Value Plus!

Custom Kitchen Renovation – Property Value Plus!

Your kitchen is looking tired after years of hard work and you know a renovation is needed, but there are so many choices. Add a new lease of life with a flat-pack budget model or a beautiful custom kitchen design? When you're planning a kitchen renovation in Adelaide, you need to plan for Adelaide's property market too! Renovate your kitchen for profit and win!

Why kitchen renovations are the most important home improvements

Renovating the kitchen is one of the biggest renovations you will do, but it also has the ability to add the biggest resale value to your home – if you do it right. It can be so easy to focus on trying to save money on a major renovation project, when a new kitchen is actually about improving lifestyle and value of your property.

Kitchens are the biggest giveaway of how well a home has been cared for. If they are old and tatty it is very hard to ‘sell’ the rest of home, because potential buyers know they will have to undertake a kitchen renovation at their own expense. If you don’t renovate you could be missing out on more profit, reducing the potential list of purchasers and losing out on the rest of the home's value.

Custom kitchen renovations for the Adelaide property market

A custom designed kitchen allows you to maximise use of the available space. It will help the space appear bigger, brighter and will definitely be more functional. Your options for features and storage solutions are not limited to the standard offerings of flat pack kitchens. This is particularly beneficial if your kitchen is on the small side.

If you've got one of Adelaide's famous period homes or an '80s brick home in the suburbs, choosing a custom kitchen means you can renovate to suit the style of your home. This is a big factor in making your home desirable to buyers.

Cheap, flat-pack kitchens are lower in price because they are mass produced, often with inferior materials. These will age and wear quickly, not coping well with the heat and moisture generated in the kitchen. If you renovate but don’t sell your home for a few years, it will look like you never renovated at all. Not to mention that they're one-size-fits-all, unlike kitchens and the people who use them!

Clever tips for your kitchen renovation

Here's a few of our favourite tips for getting the most from your custom kitchen renovation:

  • Colour selection for your new kitchen should be a neutral palette. If you like bright or bold colours you can add appliances and accessories for a splash of colour.
  • When allowing space for the fridge, consider making it large enough to house the two door fridges that so common right now, even if you don’t have one yourself.
  • Avoid moving plumbing and electrics to save money on the things you can't see so you can spend on the things you can.
  • Include concealed spaces for your rubbish bin and recycle items.
  • Wall ovens are much more desirable than free standing ones, as they save bending. All the mod cons designed to make life easier in the kitchen will be of benefit when it's time to sell.

A beautiful, fresh new kitchen renovation is a valuable asset, and with the help of a professional Adelaide kitchen designer you can make the best and most profitable possible use of the space you have available. Who do you turn to for your custom kitchen renovation in Adelaide? Urban Accent of course - get in touch now.

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