Design Your Own Home Office in Adelaide

Design Your Own Home Office in Adelaide

Design Your Own Home Office In Adelaide

Working from home is a very attractive concept, but even more attractive is being able to design your own home office. Adelaide, along with many other cities, is seeing a huge increase in small businesses, particularly those run from home. If you’re one of them, count yourself lucky. You’re lucky not only because you can work in your pyjamas, but you can have your office just the way you want it, which is great for productivity.

The benefits of designing your own home office

Remember working in a corporate office when you just had to make do with the design, the desk or the chair, even though it wasn’t your taste? It was hard to get motivated and productive, right? Well let’s look at what is awesome about being able to design your own home office.

1. You can select a chair that looks great and that supports you perfectly.

2. You can select lighting that works just for you, no more fluros!

3. You have a say over the technology in your office.

4. Your office efficiencies are in your hands; no longer do you have to put up with inefficient processes like cumbersome filing systems and clutter.

5. It’s your personal touch, no one else’s.

6. You can experiment and you can get creative! But before you go absolutely crazy making your home office your own, why not contact the team at Urban Accent to discuss your ideas and get some valuable advice?

Practical matters to consider when designing your home office

Your desk

A desk should be large enough for your computer but not so large that you have to move or reach to get something. As a rule, everything should be in arm’s reach. The height of the desk is important, too, so your computer screen should be at eye level. Your keyboard should also be at a level where your arms are parallel to the floor. Much of this relies on a good chair, so choose carefully.

Your chair

You’re going to be sitting in your chair a lot so it’s important that it doesn’t just look good – it should also be good for you. A quality office chair should be comfy and provide sufficient back support. Ideally, it should be possible to raise and lower your chair should you need to work on a range of tasks during the day. You might also like to pair your chair with ergonomic extras like foot rests or lumbar supports.

The right lighting

That sexy lamp you like, is it ergonomically sound? When designing your home office it’s important to ensure you have a combination of natural light and mood lighting via lamps that are neither too bright nor too dim. While great looking lamps can be excellent design features, good task lighting can be very helpful on your desk so that you don’t suffer eye strain after long periods at the computer. If you still feel as though you need some guidance on how to make your home office as comfortable and practical as possible, contact us at Urban Accent today. Our experienced consultants can help you with the design of your home office in Adelaide.

Need inspiration to design the perfect home office in Adelaide? Browse the range at Urban Accent today.

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