Flat Pack Kitchen – Why Flat Pack Kitchens Are Not Always The Best

Flat Pack Kitchen – Why Flat Pack Kitchens Are Not Always The Best

Flat pack kitchens give us the opportunity to makeover our homes without the expensive outlay. There is no denying that our lives changed forever many years ago when the Swedish introduced us their popular concept of DIY everything.  Since then, we’ve seen the rise of disassembled, boxed up products, giving home owners the opportunity to spruce up their houses with ease. Whilst most areas of the house can take a basic assembly job, it’s really not suitable for the kitchen.

One size fits all approach – a kitchen in a box

Designed with a minimalist approach, flat pack kitchens are typically a one size fits all design, which allows for bulk manufacture, and a cheaper cost for the consumer.

A ‘vanilla’ design isn’t going to work for everyone, and if your kitchen is one of the central areas in your home, a place for families and friends to gather, create and cook up a storm, then you’ll require a design that suits your style and flair.  You won’t find that in a box.   Choices of handles, knobs and finishes are limited or usually not available at all.

Add in a made to measure component for an extra cost

For a little extra, you can get flat pack kitchens with made to measure components.  This provides you more scope to tailoring a design to your needs however it makes no sense to have cabinets custom made, only then to not have them assembled and installed by a professional to ensure everything fits perfectly and is 100% square.

Even though your walls look straight and shelves look level, chances are they aren’t and therefore a flat pack kitchen just won’t fit.

You’ll need more than a measuring tape and a hammer

When the pieces of your pre-cut, disassembled kitchen are delivered, you’ll soon realise there are more components that require assembly that you can count.  

Plunge in blind, and you’ll end up with something that looks like its been on a slippery slide.  The secret to success, as with all renovations, lies in the painstaking preparation.  Exact measurements, patience and attention to detail.  Yes, you’ll get the instructions, but by the time they are deconstructed you’ll probably forget what you were even doing in the first place.

Quality of joinery – your design needs to stand the test of time

Let’s face it nothing that comes in a box that is held together with a combination of wooden dowels and screws is a patch on the quality you’ll receive when you call in the expertise of a quality cabinetmaker. 

When the kitchen is designed and manufactured with quality using a timeless colour scheme it will last you a lifetime.

A skilled cabinetmaker, from Urban Accent, will take all, and I mean all, the hassles away.  They’ll design, measure, build and install the ultimate kitchen for you within budget.   The quality of materials used and finish will stand the test of time and provide you with many years of enjoyment.

Flat pack kitchens are not always be the best option for your home.

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