Want A Brand New Kitchen? Try Kitchen Refacing In Adelaide

Want A Brand New Kitchen? Try Kitchen Refacing In Adelaide

Want A Brand New Kitchen? Try Kitchen Refacing Instead For Your Adelaide Home

Ready to rip out that old, run down kitchen? Stop! There is an easier and more cost effective solution. Renovating isn’t your only option. You don’t have to spend copious amounts of your hard earned money to update the heart of your home. Have you considered kitchen refacing for your Adelaide property?

What is kitchen refacing?

When your kitchen looks worse for wear but the foundations are solid and in good condition, refacing is the answer to bringing your kitchen back to life. Refacing is when all the doors, drawer fronts, end panels, fillers and kickers are removed and replaced with new coloured boards. It is simple yet highly effective!

Refacing vs renovating – which is better?

If your Adelaide kitchen is outdated but remains in decent condition structurally, refacing may be a better option than renovating. Here are some comparison points to help you decide.


· Less expensive - Refacing is less expensive and more time efficient than renovating because it requires a lot less labour. · Faster – It is a quality quick fix with less wastage. If you can salvage some of your kitchen, why not do it? Refacing requires less work than building and installing each and every cupboard and drawer; you simply replace the boards. · Options – Just like renovating, refacing gives you the choice of colours, patterns and accessories like drawer handles but at a fraction of the price!


· Brand new – Some prefer a clean slate: out with the old and in with the new. Kitchens age, there is no doubt about it and sometimes a facelift just won’t cut it. Years of wear and tear can wreak havoc and result in irreparable damage. · Custom – For some, a kitchen renovation is about maximising space and making the most of the area they have. A custom built kitchen can offer more in this scenario than refacing. · Costly – Due to the excessive amount of labour, materials and time renovating takes, it is substantially more expensive than the refacing alternative. Unfortunately, kitchens are one of the more expensive areas of the home to renovate. In addition to materials, they require the expert input of electricians, plumbers and cabinetmakers, driving up costs. DIY renovation and home improvement reality TV shows can give home owners an unrealistic belief that they can pick up a hammer and build a brand new kitchen to save dollars, taking unnecessary risks with safety. Avoid all this risk and expense! You don’t need to renovate to have an on trend kitchen. Kitchen refacing in Adelaide with Urban Accent is innovative, customisable and fully installed by hard working qualified professionals.

Call Urban Accent TODAY on (08) 8251 4707 for the highest quality kitchen refacing Adelaide has to offer!

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