How to Make the Most of Your Office Fitout in Adelaide

How to Make the Most of Your Office Fitout in Adelaide

Congratulations, on being a successful business in Adelaide! Now, let's get you an office! Creating a new office from the ground up is an exciting and expensive exercise, but with some careful planning and help from experienced professionals, you can create the perfect office fitout on time and on budget.

First things first, what do you need to consider before starting the fitout?

Spend time planning, not just what your office requires now but what you'll need in a year or two! Making allowances for future growth, expansion or adding new departments can help you get it right the first time. Every day with no office can be hard work and very expensive, you don't want to have to do it again in a year or two!

Allow for space and light so that your office is aesthetically pleasant to work in. Painting the walls white will allow for a clean and fresh canvas that will not clash with any office furniture that you choose and can be accented with art or branded colours. Choosing a stylish but not super ‘trendy’ design can prevent the need to do another refit too soon, when your office looks dated and tired.

High quality furnishings will always end up being better value in the long run. Look for ergonomically designed furnishings that will support the health and well being of you and your staff.

Giving your reception and executive area the ‘wow’ factor

First impressions count, and your reception area is the first point of physical contact your clients have with your business. It is vital that this area sends just the right message. Allocate plenty of the projects budget to fit out the reception area. A stylish and clutter free front desk must greet your clients upon arrival. Comfortable chairs for clients to relax in and a coffee table with current magazines or your prospectus add ambience.

Similarly, the boardroom, meeting rooms, sales staff and executive offices need to project the right image so these are areas to invest in. Clients will never see inside your stationery cupboard, so cut budget there to give the meeting rooms a bit of "wow".

Keeping the job on time and on budget

Choose a reputable firm for office fitouts in Adelaide, one that can manage the whole plan for you from start to finish. Make sure they offer all the required services such as space analysis to custom furniture, dealing with all the tradesmen and council permits. If you try to tackle these tasks yourself, you'll need to hope that everyone shows up as planned and that you didn't underestimate your Council! You run the risk of having the job take much longer than needed and will possibly blow the budget in the process. The quicker your office is ready for business, the better so choose reputable and experienced office fitters in Adelaide. May we suggest - us? Get in touch for a quote.

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