What’s Hot In Office Fitout Trends For Adelaide

What’s Hot In Office Fitout Trends For Adelaide

Chic Office Fitout Ideas For Adelaide Businesses

When so much time is spent working in an office each week, it’s important to consider an office fitout for your Adelaide business that encourages creativity and productivity.

Office décor has changed over the years, from purely functional work desks to chic offices that represent more than just a place to work. Your office fitout should provide opportunities to collaborate in comfort, work hard and recharge when necessary.   

So, what should you consider when opting for a chic office fitout at your Adelaide business? 


Open plan office vs. closed office space

Many business owners find that an open design plan works best because it allows for easier collaboration, teamwork and communication. This is also a great option if you are working with limited room as it allows you to maximize usable space.  

Depending on your line of business, separate office spaces may be more suitable, especially if your teams require quiet or private conditions. Whichever office layout you choose, there is always the option of including break-out areas so employees can move from their traditional desks to nearby comfy sofas or communal tables for brainstorming or meetings.

Relaxation areas

A tired and stressed employee is not a productive one, so why not consider a relaxation area where your employees can recharge? These places can be a lot of fun with a television or pool table, or cosy sofas and bean bags. Sometimes the best business ideas come from casual chit chat rather than the boardroom!


Consider your brand

Designing an office is so much more than selecting tables and chairs. It’s important that it reflects your brand, too. Think about what you want the office to say about you. If your brand is youthful and fun, make sure the design reflects that. To do this, you may consider using your brand colour or have Urban Accent’s expert cabinet makers create bespoke pieces of furniture that represent your brand.

Design to encourage productivity

Supporting the productivity of staff takes more than relaxation areas and incentives. Décor and design have a huge impact too. Consider the colours you use and whether you want to make the office feel more homely and comfortable instead of traditional. Don’t be afraid of being creative!

Consider replacing standard office sofas with deep, leather couches for a touch of glamour. Add scatter cushions with bold statement colours for impact! Swap the board room table for a cluster of dining suites for employees to congregate around and use wall art to tell a story about your company motto.  

Opting for a chic office design that takes your brand and employees into consideration is likely to have a huge impact on your business success over the long term. Choose some of these original ideas for your office fitout and Adelaide residents will be knocking down your door to work for you in your super chic office! 

Sound good? Inspired? Then get in touch with Urban Accent, the office fitout experts for Adelaide businesses.



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